Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin - Cellar N°28 1l

IDR 3,560,000 IDR 1,780,000
优惠有效期至: 31 March 2021
In 2013, Pierrette Trichet decided to celebrate the aromatic diversity of the various aging cellars at our Domaine de Merpins in Cognac. Each cellar has its own characteristics that imbue the spirit with specific aromatic notes. Cellar N°28 contains old casks, positioned underground for optimum aging conditions. the result is a cognac with silky and candied fruit notes. To create Rémy Martin Cellar N° 28 we seek out eaux-de-vie in all our cellars with similar characteristics. the cognac is called "Reserve Cellar Selection" because Cellar N°28 has always been our Cellar Master’s ultimate reserve for the finest eaux-de-vie.
Brand Rémy Martin
风味 甘草
包装尺寸 1l
原产国 法国
干邑年份 其他
酒精度 40%
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