Glenmorangie - Tayne 1l

IDR 1,215,000
Finished in Amontillado Sherry casks, Glenmorangie Tayne honours the local lore of a Spanish galleon's lost treasures in the depths of the Tayne Firth, and is part of the Travel Retail exclusive Glenmorangie Legends collection. Glenmorangie Tayne honours the local lore of a Spanish galleon said to have broken from the Armada in 1588 and sailed up the Firth of Tayne - now known as Dornoch - before running aground and being swallowed by the swirling currents, its treasures dragged into the depths where they remain to this day. The second release in the Glenmorangie Legends collection, a range of single malts exclusive to Travel Retail, celebrating the history and heritage of the lands where the Glenmorangie Distillery has proudly stood since 1843.
Brand Glenmorangie
风味 花香
包装尺寸 1l
原产国 英国
产地 高地
威士忌风格 清淡,具有花香
酒精度 43%
使用方法 Neat
品饮记录 - 酒体 A unique harmony of deep, spicy Sherry cask notes, and unusually fragrant, floral topnotes of rose p
品饮记录 -酒香 Fragrant and floral, with hints of rose and roasting chestnuts. Lots of toffee/caramel, sweet apricots, and some nuttiness. Further exploration yields muscovado sugar, hints of aromatic coffee and chocolate coated raisins.
品饮记录 - 口感 An oily warming texture leads into rich, sweet fla
品饮记录 - 馀韵 A long, spicy finish, with bitter-sweet citrus and dried fruits.
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